Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Agent Auction—Unicorns is on the block!

As I mentioned yesterday, Waiting for Unicorns, has been accepted into an agent auction as hosted by blogger extraordinaire, "Authoress," via

Focusing on the writer/literary-agent relationship, Authroess blogs about the craft of writing, aspiring authors, authors who've "made it," agents, and the pursuit of publication—that which ties us all together.

I submitted Unicorns—or rather a log line and the first 250 words of Unicorns—to Authoress' Agent Auction, and was selected to participate. (Part of this was luck as I had unknowingly pitted myself against hundreds of others—many of them more competent writers than I am—and a VERY brief submission window. And part of it was, well, grace, I suppose.)

Beginning today, blog followers, lurkers, and YOU can to read and comment on my entry, (Post #32), which will be up until Dec 7, at which point bidding opens and closes, 24 hours later.  13 different Literary Agents, three authors, and one prestigious editor, will get a chance to "bid" on Unicorns.

Winners will be posted December 9.

So, go read and COMMENT on my work! I may not win anything fabulous (a request for a full manuscript submission trumps all), but the more feedback I can get, the better I can make Waiting For Unicorns in the long run!