Beth Hautala

Children's Author



What a day! I won at The Baker's Dozen Agent Auction!

Truly, NO ONE is more surprised than me today. I'm giddy. Almost sick!

  1. I got a request for a FULL from one of my CHOICE agents at Curtis Brown Literary Agency.
  2. I got a second request for a FULL from an agent I had queried earlier. She missed out on the bidding because my entry went so fast (I was the first entry closed!), but she sent me an email requesting a full anyway, outside the auction.
  3. Two other agents are interested in seeing FULLS  if the first two agents pass.

I am sitting in front of my computer screen with a glass of wine, celebrating quietly. 

Now comes the waiting game. I will submit full manuscripts of Waiting For Unicorns to both of the agents who requested to see them, and wait to hear what they think. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high and to just wait, clear-headedly, but the ideal end goal would be representation and eventually a sold book.

I'll keep you all posted, of course.

Thank you for all of your support. It has been a GOOD DAY.