Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Friday Five

1. Get To Work—Tips & Tricks For Writers. 

Winter Inspired Writing Prompts. I realize winter this year seems like the never-ending-season, and so maybe I should start this off with an apology. Or not. Regardless, I know we have (at least here in northern Minnesota) a couple more months before winter releases its icy grasp, so why not take advantage of the time and let the season inspire you, as it has done for so many other great writers. Robert Frost went for that winter walk and look how great things turned out for his writing career!

2. What To Read—Book Reviews & Recommendations. 

6 Books to Read After Mockingjay. Even if you are not a huge fan of Dystopian Fiction, YA-Fantasy, or other such nonsense (*sic*), I would encourage you to at least pick up Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy and give it a shot. For the writing alone. Or the story line. Or . . . well, just pick it up and read the first three chapters of the first book. Do me that much, alright? You don’t have to like them, but the premise and the writing are unique enough to make it worth your time. While the first book was arguably the best and the other two led toward a rather truncated ending, they are still well-worth the read, in my humble opinion.

 For those of you who’ve read Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay and don’t need to be coerced, like the books or hate them, there is undoubtedly a sense of loss as you try to let go of your attachment to the characters. There was for me. So, here’s a few reading suggestions to help ease you back into life after Mockingjay. And may the games be ever in your favor.

3. Writing For Social Media—Blogging/Tweeting/Status Updates/And What's Worth Saying Online.

Seven Tips For Writing Online. For some people, if a topic interests them, they are fine with immersing themselves in extensive online articles that more or less resemble print content. Most Web site visitors, however, expect something else. Nearly every medium has its own rules; here are seven tips to help you write for an online audience.

4. Media—Fun Publishing/Writing-related Videos and Music

Judging A Book By Its Cover. Ever wonder how a book gets a cover? Well, check out this informative clip from CBS for an industry-perspective on how the whole process works. Enjoy!

5. Be Encouraged—Stories of Writing Success (from those who've been-there-done-that).

 Blood Sweat and Words—How Badly Do You Want this? Been writing for a while with only rejection, after rejection, after rejection to show for it? You’re not alone. Even the best writers start with rejection. It’s how we learn to get better at this crazy, beautiful, heart-wrenching, purpose-filled craft called writing.


Any of the above helpful or interesting? Share it! —Online information is only as good as the community that encourages others with what they’ve learned . . . Thanks to those who’ve taken the time to teach me a thing or two!