Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Why We Love To Read

“We read to know we are not alone.”—C.S.Lewis

Giving voice to the reasons we love the written word, is as vast and varied as our reasons for anything, I suppose. The beautiful responses I’ve had in answer to this question over the last three weeks have been such a delight to hear, and have provided sweet inspiration as I pick up my pen every morning. —Why write if not to be read?

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for some time, but I find that my own answers to this question seem limited. I have only my own perspective to draw from. So I’ll keep my thoughts brief and let your words speak for themselves. Thank you for sharing your insights!

“I love to read because it makes me a better person. Whether I read for business or pleasure, entertainment or enlightenment, I finish a changed person somehow. What other endeavor can boast the same?!” —Carrie

“I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately. So, I guess I like to read to learn. I also love reading with my children. It's a great family bonding time.” —Paula

“I love to read because I discover new worlds, other realities, previously un-thought ideas (by me). Reading expands me, challenges me, redefines me. It makes me become more me.” —Kassie

“Reading opens windows to the souls of the authors, stimulates creative thinking, expands horizons beyond the limited borders of personal experience resulting in the privilege of immersing in the personal experiences and brain activity of multitudes. I love to learn and wish that there were many more hours in the day and many more years in a lifetime just for the opportunity to experiencing one more facet of God's creativity as it is exposed in the writing of another of His created children.” —Linda

“Reading is many things to me. Fiction transports me into to new places with new characters to get to know. Nonfiction challenges my intellect and lifts my spirit. Life stories give me a glimpse into the lives and hearts of wonderful people from the present and the past. Words paint me pictures that go beyond what you could ever see in a photo or painting.”—Kathy

“I Love to read. It takes me far away from myself and the pain of every day existence. No worry, stress or pain can find its way into a good story. I Love fiction based on fact best, with a mystery thrown in. I work my mind to try and figure out the end before I reach it. Reading helps also to build my vocabulary, which I need to write poetry. I have all my life been drawn to the written word. I Love going into old book stores,. I smell the old leather covers, and enter into a world of long ago.” —Brenda

“I love the creativity in reading. You may say, ‘What? I thought the creativity was in the writing!’ But the words evoke images in my mind that only I can see and I find that fascinating. I treasure the way I am transported to another time and place through books. I enjoy the education I receive - learning new things and gaining perspective and understanding about things I may otherwise be unaware. I love just being in the book, the place where nothing else really exists but the words and characters and I am truly there inside the pages, in the story in my mind. I can escape my cares and worries for awhile… I love to read to my children and love that they love to “read” and to be read to. I could go on and on but these are the main reasons . . .”—Ang

“Because I love to learn! In a fictional story it's the characters, in the real world no one lets you in and lets you learn about them like you get to in a story.” —Heather

“I love to read - the why is hard. It's a little like asking why I love to breathe. In fact, it might be the same thing. More prosaically, I love to read because I love being in other worlds, wandering through other lives, hearing other voices. It makes the space I inhabit so much bigger. Infinite almost. And it makes me larger too, that within me I can contain those worlds.” —Francesca

I would love to hear additional thoughts on this! So tell me, Why do you love to read?