Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Friday Five

1. Get To Work—Tips and Tricks For Writers.

10 Writing Tips that Can Help Almost Anyone, from author and teacher Janet Fitch. While these ten tips are intended for fiction writers, they are practical, useful, and truly worth remembering. Whether you are writing the next great American novel or copying down your grandmother’s recipe for sugar cookies, these ten tips are noteworthy.


2. What to Read—Book Reviews and Recommendations.

An Interview with Lois Lowry, author of THE GIVER.

3. Writing For Social Media—Blogging/Tweeting/Status Updates/And What's Worth Saying Online.

Nine Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post—Fast Did your latest post get all the readers, comments and tweets that it deserved? Probably not. You wrote a great piece, but somehow, it seemed bland. Your ideas were good, but the post lacks a little something. What you need is more spiceHere are nine ways to add some heat to your post, and grab readers’ attention.

4. Media—Fun Publishing/Writing-related Videos and Music


5. Be Encouraged—Stories of Writing Success (from those who've been-there-done-that).

139 Rejections. No matter who you are or what you’ve written, rejection is part of the process. Fiction author Ryne D. Pearson’s first novel received 139 rejections before it found an agent. Moral of the story: Don’t give up!


Any of the above helpful or interesting? Share it! —Online information is only as good as the community that encourages others with what they’ve learned . . . Thanks to those who’ve taken the time to teach me a thing or two!