Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Back into the void . . .

So after a bit of a revisioning-hiaitius for WritingWordByWord, we are back and live!
Thanks to everyone for your patience and support! It's always great to receive good feedback and comments even when the very site being visited is somewhat—er—inactive

On that note, allow me to throw a question into the vast space of the online world:

As a writer, how much room do you allot for your writing life—and would you say it's ok, or not, for writers (and bloggers) to take a break?

A year ago I would have (and DID) answer this question quiet differently than I would answer it now. Obviously, when you leave a garden untended, (or a blog/forum) some of the plants take over while others wither away. And yet, room is always made for the growth of something new . . .

So you tell me, as a writer or blogger (or both) do you find it difficult to balance life and your craft? Have you ever abandoned both for a time? And how important is an "online presence?"