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Counting Down . . . Time for Giveaways!

So, I promised a little more activity here at WritingWordByWord, and you may consider this the start of it! 

January 22, 2015 (three months away!), WAITING FOR UNICORNS will skip into your nearest bookstore and cautiously slide onto a shelf. But until then, I thought it might be appropriate to send a few copies out into the world. Are you interested in reading one? Cuz I have a few I'd like to give away!
Here's the scoop:
Every week from now until Jan 22, I'll be posting a question in relation to the book (and no, you don't need to have read the book in order to answer!) Like any good storyteller, simply answer the question from your own experience and leave your answer in the comments section. At the end of the week I'll give away three signed galley copies of the book to those who participated. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Here we go!

Question #1)

WAITING FOR UNICORNS opens with the protagonist of the story, Talia McQuin, moving away from home for the summer. It's not a move she wants to make, even for a short period of time. Have you ever had to make a move (physical or otherwise) to a place you didn't want to go, or a place you knew nothing about?

* You have until Sunday, Oct 26 to answer and be entered for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Waiting For Unicorns!