Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Week Five ARC Giveaway—Memory

Sorry we are off to a late start on the giveaway this week! I'm backing up the week's deadline so you have a bit more time to participate before I choose the winning names.

This week I want to touch on the significance of memory in everyday life . . . In WAITING FOR UNICORNS, Talia has been surviving emotionally off memories of her mother. —The way she looked, the things they did together, her words, her stories . . . But Talia comes to find that she is not the only one who has memories of this woman who is so special to her. Also, she has brought herself into each of her memories. As do we all.
     Someone else may 'know' someone we have also known, but know them differently! Just as our relationships in real time are unique, our memories—past tense—are also unique. Even when they orbit the same thing.

Question #5)
Do you have a memory, uniquely yours, of a person or a place or an event? Have you ever found that someone else also has a memory of that same person, place, or event, but that it is completely different? Has it surprised you? Has it made your own memory better or worse, or just different?

Leave your response in the comments for a chance to win one of three ARCs of WAITING FOR UNICORNS. Winners will be announced Wednesday Nov 26th.