Beth Hautala

Children's Author


Week Seven ARC Giveaway—Noticing

I've found lately that technology is making it very easy to go through life distracted. Some days I must actively force myself to set my phone aside, close my computer, and look around. Or conversely, take a breath from the chaos of family life, step outside, and look around. As a writer, noticing is very important. So I work to practice it. Whenever I am just sitting, waiting for something (grocery line, doctor appointment, at the stoplight, etc) I look around and try to 'write' the place in my head as though I were writing a letter to a friend who had never been to, nor could imagine the place I was currently occupying. It's a good practice, and it makes me an active participant in my own life.
So, do you notice?

Question #7)
What is one thing you have noticed because you were actively paying attention that you otherwise would have missed or missed out on? Or, have you ever missed something that you wish you could go back and notice more fully?

Leave your response in the comments for a chance to win one of three ARCs of WAITING FOR UNICORNS. Winners will be announced Monday Dec 8th.